The Wisdom of Silence


I realized only recently this mind-boggling concept, which is being shared here for your reading pleasure.

The pic above is a bell curve used in many ways to depict the various aspects of our life. In humanities, it is used to define lifecycle, Six Sigma in Operations Management and Product Life Cycle in Marketing etc. This time around, I am using this bell curve making an analogy to see if the title justifies the pic.

mind-maps-final 1A newborn starts crying the moment she comes into the world and keeps making noise till such time that s/he starts reflecting to see the beauty of silence. This understanding of the beauty of silence comes to him/her at a very later stage in life.

mind-maps-final 1

The concept of Six Sigma is hard to digest so for the general understanding of my audience Six Sigma depicts Zero Defect. In the pic above at six sigma when the curve is skewed on both sides of the mean the deviation is reduced to a minimum of 0.13% reducing defects close to zero.


In the pic above, when you are launching a new product into the market, you need to promote it by using various channels to attract customers. When the product gets close to its declining phase then you have to make use of your intellect to look for other avenues through creativity and innovation to remain competitive in the marketplace.


In organizations, the top management’s offices are kept quiet and all the clerical staff sits right among the public to deal with clients and customers, thus providing an opportunity to the top management for strategic planning [which is an intellectual endeavor] which is only possible when there is no noise around. So, if we want to be outstanding we need to develop our intellect/wisdom, we need to learn to listen more and speak less.


Until now I wanted you to have an understanding of the bell curve and its application in various fields of education. Now I am making use of the bell curve analogy to our own intellect/wisdom and its relevance to the noise.

In the pic above the earth has been fit into the bell curve. The earth is a 1/3rd land where we humans live and make noise and 2/3rd is ocean which is calm and serene so if we place that earth circle inside this bell curve, it is calm and serene below the ocean and up above in the space and it is noisy all around on the land mass of the world.

Nature has given us two ears and one mouth so that we listen to two things and speak one only. Same is true if we want to develop our intellect we need to learn to listen more and speak less, as ‘Wisdom Speaks in Silence’.


There is a continuous movement of neurons inside the brain and they do cross each other creating noise [here by the noise, I mean our thought process], but since we are unable to listen to it we pose ourselves as calm and silent beings.

The moment we will start reflecting and listening to the noise of the soul, we will be able to find the meaning of life, which is nothing but, ‘Giving Life a Meaning’.

Sajjad Hussain

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