Anger Management


The black color depicts negativity, whereas white reflects positivism. This blog is an extension of making analogy of Black and White.

I come home in the evening from work and cook something in a cooking pan (which is usually black in color), to eat . Once I am done with cooking, the pan is put under the tap and I see it cools down with a hissing sound and white fumes come out of it into the air.

I made an analogy considering myself as the cooking pan (as I have quite a few shortcomings in my wheeling dealing). When I get angry its like the cooking pan is put on the stove. What is being cooked is like anger (which is actually danger).

Holy  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in one of his sermons has asked his followers to drink water if they get angry, also if you are standing, sit down and if you are sitting lie down.

So as I get angry, it is like I as a pan is put on fire, I drink water which is like putting the pan under tap and the white fumes are like my soul (soul is usually portrayed as white fumes levitating in the air), getting cleansed.

Anger actually suffocates your soul and drinking water actually cleanses the soul to make it pure. Follow this method to manage your anger and share your experience, if it works, thanks.

Sajjad Hussain


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