Philosophy – Subjective or Objective

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When people see around them, they see everything as ‘data’. Those who have gone through some education, they get ‘information’, out of that ‘data’. When that ‘data’ is analyzed, making use of the mind, is converted into ‘knowledge’.

Men with ‘knowledge’ are in a position to ponder deep into the hidden meanings to form a ‘philosophy’. They have a clear understanding of the hidden meanings behind that ‘philosophy’, but they are unable to quantify it, using a mathematical model.

Till such time it remains un-quantified, it remains philosophy, but when proved mathematically, it becomes a ‘theory’. When that ‘theory’ is materialized, through experimentation, becomes scientific law.

Since we can not fill our tummy with mere words, and usually people are not as observing as they should be, so their focus mostly is confined only to fulfill their basic needs, i.e. to eat and shit, so ‘philosophy’ for them is more subjective in nature then objective.

But men with knowledge, try to find the wisdom in things around them, to find the hidden meanings, come up with philosophy, to end up in innovation and creativity, to benefit the human kind.

Since their objective is to work for the betterment of humanity, so philosophy for them is more an objective than merely a subject.

Philosophers are visionaries, as they are able to see the future, which others can’t, as the future can only be perceived through abstract mind, and people are mostly unable to see intangibles through naked eyes.

Sajjad Hussain

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