Center of Gravity

There are four corners of the world, namely East, West, North and South. I have never heard Middle West, Middle South, Middle North, but I know a place on earth called Middle East.

I did come across Mid West states in US or Mid North in Australia, but not an entire region as Mid West or Mid North as Middle East. I am wondering to know whomsoever named these corners and places, what he had in his/her mind while naming these locations.


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If I want to lit a room such that light is spread all across the room, then I will have to put the chandelier right in the center. Sun rises in the EAST a Universal Truth, and if the entire universe is to be lit then that source of light has to be in the middle of the EAST. The location of Holy Ka’aba, is exactly in the center * of the earth and is a source of light for the entire humanity, if it (the mankind) wants to get that inspiration.

Leave aside your perception and the fake reality being portrayed by some self proclaimed custodians of Islam, think of it this way and see for yourself, if it really is a matter, to be given a second thought.

This is purely my analogy and you have the right to disagree with my point of view.

Sajjad Hussain

* Golden Ratio

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