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Humility + Man = HUMAN

So man with humility makes a human and study of humans is humanities.

The curiosity to know something came to the minds of humans through ‘WHY’ and this ‘Why’ became the basis of PHILOSOPHY. When humans started understanding the philosophy, they came up with various ideologies, which formed the basis of RELIGION.

The very first thing a new born learns is the word M*, (M=mother, mom, ma, etc. my understanding is that in most of the languages of the world sound of M is used for mother) and then, when he grows older speaks the language of his mother, that’s why it is called mother tongue and it forms the basis for LITERATURE, in that particular language. When this literature gets out of words and takes the form of expressions through various other mediums, forms the basis for ARTS.

Sajjad Hussain

* A friend (Sulaiman Dawood) of mine told me that the only sound that a baby can make includes /m/ and /b/, so it speaks everything beginning from either ‘m’ or ‘b’ because technically that’s the only frequency the vocal chords can stretch to in the beginning.

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