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I have never played snooker ever in my life and as such I am not aware of the rules of the game. But during one of my lectures on ethics in the class, a student came up with an amazing concept of the game.

I am making use of my analogy as I have used in my previous blog for this blog. White depicts knowledge and ignorance is depicted with the Black color.

The student told me that it is the white ball, which is used to pot the colored balls, in snooker. He didn’t gave me the details of the game, that how is it played, but out of his explanation, I only picked one idea for this blog, and that is that all the other color balls are pot first using the white ball and in the end it is White ball which is used to pot the Black ball.

What an amazing lesson is hidden behind the game. It indirectly suggests, that we are not supposed to get lost in the colorful world around us. We need to explore it and try to find and distinguish between black and white and that exploration is only possible through knowledge. It is same as if we have to get rid of the colors of life to see through Black and White and in the end we need to learn that we have to wipe out ignorance (Black) surrounding us and seek knowledge (White) to explore the purpose of our existence.

Sajjad Hussain

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