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Water always flows from above, like rain, melting of ice from the mountains and forms a waterfall. It passes through troughs and ridges. Small pebbles cannot withstand the flow of water, but if there is a huge block of solid rock on its way, water paves its way through the hurdle, by changing its course. If we try to find an analogy of water with knowledge, we will get to see an amazing similarity between the two.

For example, knowledge is processed in the head above and passes through various body parts, as water is passing through troughs and ridges, and becomes part of the self over a period of time. That knowledge is reflected through an individual’s wheeling & dealing, his body language, through his posture, outlook, his thoughts and talk etc. In fact his whole body parts will reflect his intellect.

Negative thoughts are like pebbles which can not withstand his intellect. If we have the tendency to accept the bitter realities of life and considering these ups and downs in life as the ECG cardiogram, which portrays the heart beat, then as long as there are spikes in the ECG, the patient is considered alive, but, the moment ECG stops showing spikes, the patient is considered dead.

Similarly, if one has knowledge, he will definitely, win the argument through logical reasoning, with someone having no knowledge. But if some rigid and adamant individual confronts a knowledgeable person, that man of intellect, instead of having a scuffle with the ignorant, will avoid having debate, and move forward.

Knowledge believes in dialogue rather than debate, because debate is one-way traffic and the opponent is bound to meet an eventuality at the end. Whereas in debate, the two individuals try to reach to a consensus. If they are unable to agree with one another on some count, even then they at least have a reasonable justification for their argument for the opponent to ponder.

That thought process is like Waterfall, a continuous stream of ideas hitting the mind of an individual thus helping him explore new horizons through reflection in the form of a rainbow.

Sajjad Hussain

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