Broken Glass – (Kirchiyaaan)


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I am mesmerized by the beauty of the glass master piece created by the crafts man, in the form of an artifact.

Till such time that the pieces are together and shining there is no whining. You are enthralled by the touch of the artifact. The artifact gets its price for being priceless but the moment it is hit by someone or falls on the ground, it losses all it’s worth, it merely becomes a broken glass of worthless worth. Keeping a worthless piece of broken glass intact is not only way too difficult, but it hurts, if it touches or pierces into your body.

Same is true of people around, people worth having around are priceless and they need to be handled with care. The moment they are broken (lost), their memories will haunt and keep pinching and hurting.

In order to keep yourself bloom and away from gloom,   keep a company of people worth having around and not only this, keep them intact and handle them with care. Because we usually come to realize their worth only when we have lost them forever.

Sajjad Hussain

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