Knowledge: Fountain of Life


This blog is in continuation of my previous blogs Rain DrainWater SprinklesAir BalloonFloating Ignorance, and Buoyancy

Given hereunder are various analogies to understand knowledge and how it is linked (analogy) with Water to make sense, out of the box.

  • We have read in the previous blog that getting education costs money but acquiring knowledge using the education is free. It is analogous to the free availability of Water in nature. By free I do not mean Mineral Water being sold at the grocery stores for money. I am talking about the availability of Water in nature is free.
  • Water always flows from above, like rain, and melting of snow from the mountains etc. similarly, knowledge also always is processed in the head and becomes part of our soul as it is completely absorbed by the body and making use of the five senses helps us understand everything around us.
  • Water passes through troughs and ridges alike, small pebbles cannot withstand the flow of Water but if there is a huge block of solid rock on the way of Water, it paves its way through the hurdle by changing its course.

Similarly, if one has the knowledge, he will definitely win the argument with someone with no knowledge. But if that someone is rigid in his stance and adamant to confront a knowledgeable person, that man of intellect, instead of having a scuffle with the ignorant, will avoid having a debate. Knowledge believes in dialogue rather than debate.

  • Water is available underground, and to fetch that Water we have to dig the ground deep inside. Once Water is found, either it has to be sucked through a suction pump up or by installing a fetcher on top of the well.

Similarly, if we want to know about anything, we have to sink ourselves into its minor details, to get to the root of the concept, and to fetch it into the head, we have to make use of all our senses.

  • In order to find Water, we have to search the ground all around and if we need to get the knowledge we also have to move around to find it out.
  • When a pebble is thrown into the Water, it creates ripples in the Water, similarly, if a new idea strikes our mind it creates jolts in our knowledge base and from that jolt, we are able to deduce certain specifics [the idea is usually a generalization and we try to find specifics from that generalization while deducing].
  • If you look at a droplet of Water, you will see all the properties of Water in it. Same is true for the knowledge. If you acquire knowledge (not education in terms of a degree) it will open up your mind to understand everything around you to explore the hidden nature.
  • Water is used for cleansing the outer body, knowledge cleans your inner self.
  • Water is ubiquitous, so is knowledge. What we know is less than what we don’t know.
    Still, I am working on finding other such analogies, if you can share your understanding after having read this blog, please feel free to share. Due acknowledgment will be given to the contributor.

The reason why I have titled the blog as ‘Fountain of Life’ is that when you have acquired a reasonable knowledge and start sharing it with the colleagues, peers, and youth, you yourself will start having a feeling as if your understanding of the concept you are sharing, is becoming more clear to you and you start understanding the true essence of life, because passing on the legacy of knowledge to the next generation will help make this world a place worth living for all of us.

That’s how our purpose of being alive as humans is accomplished.

Sajjad Hussain

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