Heaven and Hell

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When we go to the grocery store, we see fruits, vegetables, and meat kept frozen and is considered good for human consumption until such time that it is frozen. If it is kept outside the freezer then it has to be cooked else it might get bacteria and will no longer be healthy for human consumption.

Mostly we are consumption oriented societies and as such produce a lot of garbage. We see the metropolitan corporation responsible for maintaining cleanliness collect huge dump of garbage every day. The garbage so collected is usually dumped at a place in the outskirts of the city bounds and thereafter converted into ashes after setting it to fire, in order to keep the environment clean.

The analogy I have come up with is in the life hereafter. Those of us who have done something worthwhile during their stay in this world will be sent to Heaven and heaven is portrayed as a place where everything will be good. Because we are made up of flesh so, in order for us to remain afresh, we need to be kept in a place which is cool like a freezer.

Whereas hell is always painted as a place where there will be fire all around and whosoever has done wrong in this world would be sent to hell, as he has lived his life in the world without any understanding of him being alive. He has lived his life like a rotten egg i.e. of no use so he is considered as garbage and the resting place for the garbage is only fire.

I end my blog with the words of Mr. Jos Buurman on KARMA:

There is a hot iron bar in a furnace. When I grab it with my bare hands I will burn my hand. I can even use it to harm others.

Now there is also a bucket of ice. When I burn my hand I can put it in the bucket and find relief. However, after a while, the ice starts to hurt too. So I seek warmth and grab the iron bar again.

Grabbing the hot iron bar is negative action in either physical action, speech or mind. Putting our hand in the ice bucket is positive action in either physical action, speech or mind. When we do any negative action we will burn, even if it does not come out in action or speech we burn our mind. When we do positive action and attach to it (keep our hand in the bucket) we will also suffer.

This is in basic the working of KARMA. As long as we do things that burn us we need to go to the ice bucket time after time to get relief. Stick there too long and we run to the iron bar again because it’s too cold. As long as we keep running around there is no ending of stress. It does not matter if repeat this only this life or even afterward, as long as we keep running between hot and cool there will be stress.

This is why the end of stress is not found in pain or pleasure. Pain and pleasure are the results of previous actions and carry in them the potential of future pain. Only if we stop running we will be free. So when we burn we should run to the ice bucket, cool our hand, accept the little remaining pain and blisters and stop right there, between pain and pleasure.

Sajjad Hussain

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