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During one of my lectures on ethics, I shared these words with my students.

“Learn to see the things the way they are, rather than try to seem them, the way you like them, to be seen”.

For eg.

If you have some celebration going on in your home and heavy clouds are also roaring and roaming, you will rejoice with the feel and think as if the clouds are also celebrating with you.

If someone close to you among your family members has died and if there is rain outside, you will feel like that sky is also weeping and the roar of the clouds would feel like that they are crying, on the sad demise of your family member.

In reality neither clouds are celebrating nor the sky is weeping, rather it is a phenomenon which is happening.

We like to see the things which suits us, whereas if we take things as they are, we will get to see the true perspective of everything happening around.

Sajjad Hussain

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