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Words don’t have meanings; it is we who give them the meaning. The meaning of a word changes, as we start looking at it from our own perspective or as we are told by ‘others’. Similarly, we have to learn to see the things the way they are and not the way, as we like them to be seen or as ‘others’ want us to see them. We can make the right decision only when we start seeing the things, the way they are.

Whosoever tells us anything, it’s basically based on his own understanding or experience with that particular thing and his intent in most cases would be to convince us to think about that thing, exactly the way he is telling us. We, on our part, have to analyze it and understand it, making use of all our mental faculties and having all the perspectives loud and clear in our mind, so that, whatever decision, we make at the end of the day, should be close enough to the truth and nothing but the truth.

This is in continuation, to my previous blog ‘Dictation’, wherein, I have used the word ‘seniors’ and I doubt that people might confuse it with ‘parents’. So I came up with this blog to clarify the misunderstanding, which might distract youngsters.

I have no doubt about the place of parents in our society and I can never even think of maligning their status in society. I understand that they (parents) will never exploit their kids. They (parents) direct their kids only to achieve those expectations which they (parents) have with their kids.

My target audience for the last blog and this one is between the ages of 18 – 25 years, who are either about to begin their professional career or have already started one. The reason being, this is the time when they are prone to be exploited by those ‘others’.

By ‘seniors’ I meant our religious and/or political leaders, who exploit these immature minds and use them for their own nefarious designs. Youth is a time when an individual is, at his full potential, that’s why he (a young chap) is termed as an ‘Angry Young Man’ because at this age, he thinks from his heart and can do anything, as he has enthusiasm, will, and passion to go extra miles and do wonders. He wants to be recognized, for which, he can do anything, anything which can give him an opportunity, to be established as a go-getter.

First-year students, usually get a whispering about various teachers, right from day one and that’s how they start perceiving (brainwashed) a teacher. Since they already have a picture (by virtue of their seniors), about that particular teacher, so they sit in his class with that specific mindset and behave accordingly. If the perception of that teacher is good the behavior of the students will be good as well, and reverse would be the situation, otherwise.

Again youth is a time when youngsters are fascinated by heroes, they need someone as an ‘Ideal’ for themselves to get inspiration. But as time passes, they are so much mesmerized by their ‘Ideals’ that they start ‘Idolizing’ them and that’s where things start getting out of hands.

As long as you ‘Idealize’ someone, there is no harm, rather you need to have someone to get inspiration from, but when you start ‘Idolizing’ someone you insist on justifying his (Idol’s) wrongdoings without logical reasoning. It so happens because you are emotionally blackmailed to think from your heart (which cannot think) instead of mind, because your mind is in his (Idol’s) control, i.e. you are brainwashed.

If you will not think on your own, someone else will think on your behalf, but he will not think what you want to think or you should think, rather he will make you think what he thinks is right for him and not YOU.

Sajjad Hussain


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