Puppet on Strings

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The moment I was done with my previous blog, I started thinking of coming up with a new blog but I could not figure out the topic to write on. All of a sudden an idea clicked my mind and I asked myself, why it is always ‘brainwashing’ and never ‘mind washing’. I kept on thinking over it and then I decided to extend my previous blog in the name of ‘Puppet on Strings’.

I always tell my students to keep asking ‘WHY’ to themselves; whenever, they come across anything, which they are unable to comprehend.

It is important to ask ‘WHY’ to yourself first, it will generate a thought process in your mind thus enhancing your intellectual capacity. You will start getting answers as you keep asking ‘WHY’ to yourself. But now another question arises, ‘who is going to decide whatsoever answer you have come up with, is the right answer’, in response to that ‘WHY’?

Especially when you are young and have no significant life experience, the answer is simple; put your thoughts on a piece of paper and spread it, making use of the social media and you will start getting different perspectives for the same question from people, thus enhancing your own understanding of the question you had, and giving you an opportunity to increase your thinking capability.

Since this exercise, demands to leave your comfort zone, so mostly people avoid doing it, and that gives, those so-called custodians of your well-being and pretentious well-wishers, an opportunity to exploit you, by thinking on your behalf, and asking you to do what they like you to do, and not to raise the question; WHY.

So those who are bent upon exploiting you, never allow you to use your rational faculty, rather they ask you to follow them blindly. Though you have the control of your mind but by virtue of your own will, not to leave your comfort zone, you hand over that control to ‘them’ and hence, they brainwash you for their purposes and you become a puppet in their hands.


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The brain is a physical entity and the mind is an abstract reality. So anything, which is abstract, is invisible and it cannot be washed so they wash your brains, the tangible entity. Mind it that they cannot survive without you but you can, if and only if, you start controlling your own life making use of that invisible gift, called MIND.

Sajjad Hussain

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