We are the World

I was invited to deliver a lecture on ethics at an organization. While preparing my presentation, I watched quite a few presenters on youtube and noted that they make use of videos in their presentations. So I also decided to include one such video in my presentation.

Since the essence of ethics is to think beyond your self interest and as such, I thought to include “We are the world” (in  my presentation), a song sung by the pop super stars of the 80s in a concert held for raising funds for the worst ever famine in Ethiopia.

At first, I just thought to include the song, but since English is not the native language of my target audience, so I thought to include the lyrics as well. But that also didn’t click my mind and then I came up with the idea of including the local scene in my video.

So here I go, and would appreciate your comments positive or otherwise, on my video for further improvement.

I wish to thank all my video viewers for taking time and watching and commenting.

Sajjad Hussain

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